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Sundown Stables offers quality personalized care for each horse. Whether your horse needs supplements, medication, or special feed we will make sure your horse gets the care they need!  We provide courtesy blanketing and fly masking (owner provided) to all horses to keep them comfortable. All boarders will have full access to the bathroom, a designated tack space, arenas and more! The Sundown Stables family lives on site to ensure each horse receives top quality attention and care. We also offer a high security surveillance system and digital locks throughout the barn. We maintain relationships with multiple farriers, vets, and chiropractors to help keep your horse on schedule! 

Hours are sun up to 11:00 pm 7 days a week. 

Boarding Prices

Find the best fit for you.

Stall Board

Starts at $490

Per Month

(Plus the cost of grain if desired)

$490 for part time stall and part time turnout into a pasture with shelter 

$650 for 24/7 stall with attached covered outdoor run (not turned out to pasture)

Fresh hay and water provided 

(Heated water buckets in cold weather)

Fan system 

Checked on twice daily minimum

Courtesy blanketing and fly masking (owner provides horsewear)

Salt block and loose salt  provided

For owners that like the flexibility to choose to have their horse spend some days of the month at 24/7 stall and some days of the month at part time stall we can do custom board rates for you. Also, the same for pasture kept horses, if you have certain times or weather situations when you prefer your horse to be stalled we can do this as long as stalls are available. This is accomplished by billing at a rate depending how your horse is kept that day. (Pasture board=$11/day, 24/7 stall=$21.66/day, Part of a day or night stalled and the rest in pasture turnout=$16.33/day.

Pasture Board


Per Month

(Plus the cost of grain if desired)

Clean water troughs checked twice daily 

Large private pasture with shelter or to share with a buddy

Round bale hay provided when needed

(Heated water troughs in cold weather)

Shelter with padding

Separate feeding 

Each horse is checked up-close twice daily minimum (plenty of TLC to go around)

Courtesy blanketing and fly masking (owner provides horsewear)

Salt block and loose salt  provided

Short Term Board ( less than one month) 


Per Day per horse

(Plus the cost of grain if desired)